There are many good reasons to hire a professional home inspector to inspect your new home before the one year warranty expires. If you did not have an independent inspection performed at the time you bought your new home, it is very important to have an independent home inspection performed before your one year warranty expires.

Most builders provide a one year warranty for defects and any items needing correction that are found after you have moved into the new home you purchased. Items discovered needing repair/correction should be brought to the builder’s attention, within this one year time frame that the warranty is in effect, and the builder should repair/correct these discrepancies at no cost to you.

LongoIS will be the same in-depth inspection as performed for new construction including an inspection of the attic, which most home owners will not enter or thoroughly inspect during the first year of ownership. We usually find many items which the untrained eye did not detect during this time. This inspection should be performed near the beginning of the 11th  month of your one year warranty.

Items/areas that will be inspected include: The grounds, driveway, sidewalks, patio, porches, exterior, exterior walls, chimney, hose faucets, gutters and downspouts, foundation, grading, roof, plumbing, main, supply, waste lines, fuel systems, water heaters, heating system, distribution system, air conditioning system, electrical, electrical service, panels, wiring, interior including doors, windows, walls, ceiling, floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, laundry area, attic, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool. Your home will receive a thorough inspection from top to bottom and everything in between.

As with the new construction inspection, I can almost guarantee, there will be items done improperly, or not done at all that should have been done, and possibly serious safety concerns with your home.

Without a professional inspection many of these problems may remain undiscovered until you try to sell your home and the problems are discovered during a buyer’s home inspection, requiring you to fix the problems or to reduce your price by thousands of dollars to get the repairs done by the buyer after closing.

For a relatively small cost, a professional inspection of your home can pay big dividends in peace of mind and getting any problems identified and corrected before they can become an unpleasant surprise.